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Air Purification Solutions because

People Matter

Aura Air Purification System - The World's Smartest Air Purification System - Spenergy Certified Solutions

What is Aura Air?

Aura Air is a cost-effective peace of mind tool in your arsenal to fight viruses and create safer spaces.

The Benefits

  • Monitors the indoor air quality and modifies the air purification process.
  • Settings can be easily personalized via an app on a smart phone.
  • Multiple air purifiers within a building can be centrally monitored.

What Makes Aura Air Unique?

  • Four stages of purification and disinfection technology, which are proven to disinfect Corona and other Flu viruses.
  • The system is compact and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.
  • It also serves as a CO2 and smoke detector.

Simple and Quick Installation

  • Installation instructions and materials are supplied.
  • Plug into an outlet and connect to your wifi network.
  • Download the app and pair it with Aura.

Installation and Setup

The supplied user manual outlines the setup process step-by-step in an easy-to-use format. The installation hardware and smart jig which are also included means that you'll have Aura Air setup and running quickly, without any hassles.

Aura Air Purification System - Assembly - Spenergy Certified Solutions
Aura Air Purification System - Compact and Easy to Install - Spenergy Certified Solutions

Where We've Made a Difference

The pandemic hit hardest in our long term facilities.  Air purification can provide a level of protection that does not add to the already over-burdened staff. 

Keeping a restaurant kitchen clean has always been a priority, but now the dining environment requires just as much attention. Air purification can do it all.

Every potential customer that comes in brings the prospect of spreading germs and viruses, putting at risk future customers and staff. Air purification can add a proven level of protection.

Whether it's your own home or a rental, air purification can offer an additional layer of protection from future viruses and germs. If purchasing equipment seems outside your financial means then you may want to consider our SaaS program.

Medical, Dental and professional offices see significant daily traffic. Air purification systems can insure you're doing everything you can to keep your staff, clients and visitors all safe.

Large Manufacturing facilities often mean more employees and the added risk of virus spread. Air purification systems can mitigate those risks and insure that you can operate at your full capacity.

Daily cleaning is s staple of the hotel industry.  The constant influx of people potentially carrying the virus, have now added a new level of cleansing requiring additional time and costs. Air purification solutions can alleviate that problem.

Large spaces like malls, airports and sporting venues have hundreds, if not thousands of visitors every day.  The likelihood of someone carrying the virus into one of these environments is a given. Air purification solutions can mitigate the spread of any shed viruses.

The Road to Your Solution

Step 1 - Free Audit

Step 2 - Proposal

Step 3 - Installation

Step 4 - Savings

Two Great Payment Options 

Lease to own or Purchase

  • Equipment installed by Spenergy
  • Equipment owned and monitored by you
  • We can arrange financing
  • We help you access all rebates 
Aura Air Purification System - Spenergy Certified Solutions


Dr. Caulford

Refugee & Immigration Health Ctre, Toronto, ON

"The Spenergy system has worked flawlessly. Its self controlled, automatic operations provide a safe, worry free, superior, and cost effective sterilization system for our patients clients and staff"

Rob Moore

Air Boss North America

If you're grasping with energy issues and how to save money then Spenergy is the company that's going to help you.

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Where can I learn more about the Aura Air Purification System? 

View our Aura Air Purification Flyer for more information, or call us to speak with a Spenergy Certified Solutions representative. We look forward to speaking with you!

Aura Air Purification System - Flyer - Spenergy Certified Solutions

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