LED Lightbulb


How much are your lights COSTING you?

The lighting industry is continuing to evolve. LED Lighting is continuing to advance and the Spenergy team is continuing to stay on top of all the progression. From diode quality to lumen efficiencies to wireless control systems Spenergy is dedicated to finding the best lighting solution to meet your needs.

Lighting Diode Quality Graphic

Diode Quality

Diodes in a led fixture are one of the 3 major components establishing the life of any LED fixture. They determine the lumens per watt ratio, which is the measuring stick to the efficiency to any LED fixture. The quality of the diodes is essential to the performance and output of any LED fixture and must be compatible to the driver. Understanding the importance of this element is the expertise that Spenergy brings to your LED project.

Lighting Lumen Efficiencies Graphic

Lumen Efficiencies

Is strictly dependent on the compatibility of an LED fixtures driver and diode compatibility. The degree of compatibility has a direct proportional affect on the lumen per watt rating and life of the fixture, effecting the longevity and the performance of any LED fixture.

Lighting Wireless Control graphic

Wireless Control Systems

Is the next generation of energy savings, providing the facility to be customized around the behaviour of the industry. On average an additional 35% of energy can be reduced by utilizing this smart technology. Utilizing the wireless mesh system also provides the capability of monitoring and measuring electrical assets throughout the facility at very minimal cost. This is known in the energy management industry as the backbone to a  SMART Building or the infrastructure of the industrial IIOT (industrial internet of things).

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