Metering & Monitoring Guage

Metering & monitoring

Metering and monitoring your utility usage is an essential practice in today’s competitive environment.

Spenergy will show you how metering/monitoring can:

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Reduce Operational Cost

Improve operational efficiencies with improved production performance and reduce total cost of operations with granular visibility.

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Comply with Regulations

Comply with Regulation (CAP and Trade Compliance).

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Optimize Demand Charge

Proactively manage demand charge strategy on the site level - factoring seasonal, rate, and operational changes.

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Prevent Device Failure

Avoid downtime while ensuring efficiency and effectiveness by optimizing preventative and condition-based maintenance needs.

The costs of not managing your energy consumption include:

Off-hours consumption
Inefficient energy profiles
Unmonitored Building Management System (BMS) overrides
Scheduled preventative maintenance
Repair of failed devices
Unnecessary retrofits
Forfeited incentives and rebates
Insufficient production rates and quality
Deficient overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) items
Lack of visibility into critical systems

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