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May 2020

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 will change the landscape of all businesses worldwide not unlike how the aviation security industry changed after 9-11. The magnitude of this worldwide pandemic will heighten the necessity for every business to protect themselves against the liability of providing the appropriate protectionism for their employees and customers.

These unprecedented times have created the need for an "Infectious Disease Control System". By incorporating several existing technologies we have the solution to autonomously remove airborne and surface bacteria including pathogens safely. The sanitization system allows for any facility to have 24/7 sanitization providing time date stamped verification of any area without the use of harsh chemicals or human intervention.

Technology in combination with Science is going to be our best opportunity to recover from the economic fallout from COVID-19! The Infectious Disease Control System will provide employees and customers with the confidence needed to create a safer working environment!

Synapse wireless light management system and Violet Defenses patented technology together provide a safe dependable sanitization system. By scheduling the 10-12 minute germicidal disinfecting cycle through scheduling when people are not working or through reverse occupancy sensors during working hours. Controls will allow for 3 levels of safety redundancy providing the necessary confidence that all safety precautions while operating are covered.

Imagine a facility that proudly displays that they have installed a system that is now part of the solution to combat infectious bacteria and disease. Offering a sanitation solution for high-risk areas like bathrooms, lunchrooms and boardrooms including offices with a system that when no one is in the room can disinfect after each and every use provides the assurance to a safer workplace environment!

Our European friends have shown that because you're open for business it does not mean people are willing to shop or enter your facility. Promoting a safe sanitation system that offers the newest high tech solution is one of the few ways available today to give people the confidence to go back to work and our economies moving again.

We are confident governments will provide industries and businesses rebates to encourage companies to integrate this solution, not unlike the energy rebates of the past decade. And we are making significant strides in having these available in the near future.

We are at war with this Pandemic and we can either hide in our homes or go on the offence with today's technology and take the fight right to the source!
"The Next Generation of Sanitation!"


September 2019

Spenergy Certified and Superior Frames agree to LED Lighting Upgrade

Spenergy Certified Solutions and Superior Frames have now agreed to an LED lighting upgrade. By utilizing Spenergys LED lighting solutions Superior Frames will be able to increase their lighting quality and reduce their energy by 55%. Superior Frames will experience energy savings of over $20,000 a year with an ROI of 1.7 years!

August 2019

Spenergy Certified helps Cardinal Fine Cabinetry with a multi-asset energy upgrade

Spenergy Certified Solutions and its engineering team have created a multi-asset solution for Cardinal Fine Cabinetry to help make their building more energy efficient. By using government rebates Spenergy was able to replace the following - Compressor, Boiler, Upgrade lighting to LED lights, VFD on dust collector and installed a high efficient roof with R15 factor coating to maximize Cardinal Fine Cabinetry's efficiency. After implementing the rebate Cardinal will have an ROI of under 2 years on this project.

August 2019

Spenergy Certified and Nevins Auto Group agree to electrical redesign!

Spenergy Certified Solutions and Nevins Auto Group have agreed to move forward with an electrical resigned that includes rewiring and relocating all the electrical assets within their facility.

June 2019

Spenery Certified Solutions receives a commitment to proceed with the 5th PDI location

Spenergy is continuing to work with PDI as their trusted energy solutions provider. By implementing smart LED lighting technologies Spenergy is continuing to help PDI reduce energy and increase profits within their facilities.

June 2019

Spenergy Certified help Traffix upgrade to LED Lighting

Spenergy Certified Solutions and Traffix have agreed to implement an LED lighting project at their Milton warehouse. By implementing this LED solution Traffix will recognize energy savings of over $30,000 annual by switching to efficient lighting.

MAY 2019

Spenergy Certified Solutions and The Eastway Group agree to multi-facility Lighting upgrade!

Spenergy Certified Solutions and The Eastway Group have agreed to a multi-facility LED lighting upgrade. In this project, Spenergy will be retrofitting two collision centers in Northern Ontario. Spenergy looks forward to continuing to work with Eastway as their trusted energy solutions provider.

January 2019

Spenergy Certified Solutions attends and Sponsors the Coalition of Concerned Manufactures & Businesses of Canada event

Spenergy Certified Solutions was proud to take part and sponsor the annual CCMBC (Coalition of Concerned Manufactures & Businesses of Canada) At this event topics were discussed about how companies in Ontario can find ways to stay globally competitive and stay ahead of the curve. Mr Doug Ford was also presented with the “Game Changer” award this year for his efforts to help local businesses stay in Canada.

January 2019

Spenergy Certified Solutions receives commitment to proceed to 4th PDI location

Spenergy Certified is proud to continue to grow its working relationship with PDI. Installation at PDI’s 4th location has started and is expected to be completed sometime in early February. PDI will recognize an annual energy savings of over $36,000 by completing this installation!


December 2018

Spenergy Certified Solutions completes full retro-fit of 401 truck stop location

Spenergy Certified Solutions completed a lighting retrofit a the 401 truck stop located in Drumbo Ontario. Spenergy took the time to understand the security issues that this location was having that our weighed energy costs. By implementing the proper solution for this client Spenergy was able to exceed the security requirements for the Truck stop and also reduce the energy consumption by 63%!

December 2018

Spenergy Certified Solutions and Cambridge Hydro present Rebate Cheque

After successfully completing a Smart LED installation at Centra Industries two Cambridge locations, Cambridge Hydro and Spenergy Certified Solutions were proud to present Centra with this incredible rebate cheque for their efforts in saving energy.

December 2018

Spenergy Certified Solutions completes another smart LED lighting install for Polymer Distribution Inc.

PDI (Polymer Distribution Inc) and Spenergy Certified Solutions have been working together for over a year retrofitting different locations around Ontario to help PDI reduce their energy consumption and to take advantage of the Ontario Save On Energy Program. In December Spenergy completed an installation at a 3rd PDI location. This Milton location will recognize an estimated annual energy savings of $23,000 and was approved for a rebate that amounts to 17% of the total project cost.