Keep Your Workplace Safe, Clean and Chemical Free with Smart UVC Lighting

Smart UVC 3.0: A state-of-the-art UVC air disinfection solution to help clinic and business owners battle COVID-19 

Are you looking for a more effective way to keep your work environment safe and sanitized to protect employees? 
An affordable andchemical-free solution to disinfectionfor your clinic, healthcare practice, restaurant or workplace?  
Wondering does UVC light disinfect work environments like yours in seconds, just like you’ve read, and is it really a safer, cheaper and more effective alternative to cleaning? The answer is yes. By far.

After all, if someone actually got sick in your facility you would certainly risk hefty fines, reputation damage – and even a complete shutdown of your operations.

Rest easy, Smart UVC 3.0 has arrived.It’s a giant leap forward in space sanitation, now available in Ontario,Alberta, Nova Scotia.

Don't risk the health and safety of your employees and customers one day longer!
Get Smart UVC 3.0 installed for just a few dollars a day.

What is SMART UVC 3.0?
Smart UVC 3.0 is Spenergy Certified’s new UVC sterilization system. It’s a UVC lighting solution that kills 99.9% of pathogens within just 10-12 seconds, safely, cost-effectively and without the use of harmful chemicals. It comes with an advanced software platform and wireless controls so you can automate the sanitization process from anywhere, and also monitor the system and your energy usage 24/7. It’s a fully integrated sanitation management solution that’s safe, reliable, affordable and easy to use.

Smart UVC 3.0 is the only disinfection system that lets you take control and ensure the safety of your clinic or workplace.

Is the Smart UVC 3.0 lighting system safe?
Yes. Our UVC disinfection system is safe if used as directed.  Simply schedule the 10-12-minute disinfecting cycle at times when people are not working. Or, set our occupancy sensors to detect a safe time during working hours. In this way, it’s easy to ensure sanitation without health risks to your employees or guests. As further protection, our advanced controls allow for 3 levels of safety control to give you extra peace of mind.

How does SMART UVC 3.0 work?
Our SMART UVC technology uses customized light fixtures fitted with wireless sensors. The system emits UVC disinfecting light to eradicate any space or surface of harmful pathogens, germs and viruses – within just 10 to 12 seconds. The best thing is you can monitor, control and manage the entire system from anywhere 24/7 via our mobile app

Advanced lighting technology that’s simple to operate: Our UVC light Fixtures are easy to operate with the push of a button
A proven system that works: UVC Light disinfects 99.9% of air-borne pathogens in just 10-12 seconds
·      Stay in control from anywhere: Wirelessly Monitor the disinfection process remotely

Is it expensive?
You can get Smart UVC 3.0 working for you for as little as $3 a day. You can start small by having it installed in just one high traffic room and increase your coverage as you need it. Ask us about options and affordable pricing plans.

Why use SMART UVC 3.0 disinfection system?
Smart UVC 3.0 is a far safer and more effective sanitation solution than industrial cleaning. First of all, it’s proven to kill 99.9 % of bacteria.  Human error, including uneven wiping and missed spots, mean it’s likely that some bacteria will always remain.

Additionally, to be truly effective in killing pathogens, industrial cleaning chemicals need to remain on a surface for a full 60 second duration (called dwell time). Dwell time is something that is generally overlooked by busy cleaning staff pressed for time and on the move to finish their shifts.

Finally, using harsh chemicals is never ideal, regardless of the type of workplace. Even storing chemicals can pose dangers in your facility. Smart UVC 3.0 is totally chemical free and brings proven results in eradicating pathogens and bacteria in your workplace.

Five Smart Reasons to Get Smart UVC 3.0 Sanitizing Your Workplace Now
S is for Safe – Safely kill germs, pathogens and the COVID-19 virus with this proven UVC technology that includes three robust levels of safety.
M is for Monitor. Monitor your system with ease 24/7 and stay in control of your UVC system wherever you are. Our mobile monitoring makes it easy to manage and oversee Smart UVC 3.0 from anywhere 
A is for Automated. Spenergy Certified’s Smart UVC 3.O is more than a series of UVC lights. It’s a fully automated UVC air disinfection solution that’s safe and easy to use, integrating lighting, energy and sophisticated IIoT technologies.  
R is     for Reporting
. You’ll have access to time/date stamped data and insurance reporting to help minimize your liability and fines 
T is for Tested. Smart UVC  3.0 is a fully tested, and scientifically validated disinfection solution  with a 99% airborne pathogen kill rate
Smart UVC is a perfect solution for the following environments:
Healthcare.Hospitals, surgical centers, clinics, urgent care or medical facilities. Improve patient safety and reduce HAIs with our full spectrum UVC technologies.

Nursing Homes.Elderly people are at a much higher risk to infection due to their weaker immune systems. Use Smart UVC as another layer of defense to help minimize their exposure and risk.  

Education-Keeping students and education staff protected by using Smart UVC 3.0 to sanitize classrooms, cafeterias and public areas.

Food Services-Did you know that over 4,000 people die a year in North America due to food borne illnesses? UVC technologies have been proven by an FDA-certified lab to kill E. coli and salmonella without the use of chemicals.  Installing the Smart UVC 3.0 system within your restaurant or food services facility can help kill unwanted bacteria that cause disease.

Commercial offices-Improve the well-being and moral of your employees by installing Smart UVC 3.1. Not only will you ensure a sanitized workplace, you’ll boost confidence and peace of mind for a more productive working environment. 

Childcare facilities-Easily disinfect any childcare space,along with all the toys and objects within it, in a safe and natural manner.Having Smart UVC 3.0 working 24/7 in your space will give parents the confidence to bring back their children to your care facility.

Gym and Training facilities-Set yourself apart from the competition by providing your members with a cleaner and safer training environment