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The answers to your questions

Product updates, installations, new releases and success stories can all be found here.

At the bottom of the page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


What is a Metering and Monitoring Audit?

How Controlling Assets can make a difference?

What if repairs are needed after Spenergy installs a system?

What does an Audit actually do?

How we found non-operating equipment during an audit and saved a company money?

Can the data pulled from the devices be customized for the client?

How can an Energy Automation system help find energy peak use savings?

Let’s talk bottom line savings... actual numbers.

Carbon Tax, are there any potential revenue generators for a client?

Leveraging bottom line with good P.R.

How will I understand the data?

The challenge of capital purchases

The Spenergy Rebate team

The AirBoss Energy Solution

Why we believe in the UV-C Solution?

Surface or Air disinfection which is better?

UV-C Solutions

Is UV-C really safe?

UV-C Saving sick days costs to business.

UV-C... saving your staff time.

UV-C audit found that more could be done to make things safe.

UV-C 3.0... what exactly is that?

What is approximately the cost of the SasS Subscription?

Why can’t we just spray chemicals to solve the problem?

Why is an Audit important?


Is UVC Safe ? 

UV germicidal light is effective because it damages genetic material, including human skin and eye cells with direct exposure.

To ensure safety, expert UVCertified installations of direct lighting units are designed with safety systems so that they operate only when people are not in the area. Sensors for motion and body heat (infrared) instantly detect if someone is in the area and turn lights off.

You can also set the schedule for deep cleaning through your wireless control system for off-hours.

Our continuous airflow cleaning UV light systems operate safely when people are in the space, because the UV light is enclosed within a UV purification unit or the UV light is directed away from any possible contact with people.

What does germicidal UV-C light kill ?

Short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) can kill or inactivate all microorganisms by disrupting their DNA, inactivating their vital cellular functions and ability to replicate.

This includes COVID-19 and all other viruses (even if resistant to antibiotics and chemical cleaners), bacteria, mold and fungi.

Effective doses of UVGI are well-documented through decades of peer-reviewed research and are the basis for UVCertified’s selection of UV disinfection units and their proper deployment in any indoor environment.

What does a uvc-c system cost ?

After your free UVCertified audit, you will receive a quote for a custom combination of air and surface disinfection units from validated and warrantied manufacturers. All units will be installed by UVCertified licensed electricians and integrated with your wireless control management system.

We will provide you with a complete state-of-the-art solution on an affordable service plan for as low as $10 per day, for a 3-5 year period, with no investment required up front. The size of your space and unique needs dictate the kind of coverage and number of units you will require. Your daily cost for a new UVCertified system will be easily offset by reductions in:

  • Cleaning labour
  • Use of chemicals
  • Employee sick days and downtime
  • Liability risk
  • COVID-19 related shutdowns
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Seasonal allergy effects on productivity

Other powerful benefits that improve your bottom line include increased employee well-being and confidence, and less apprehension for visiting customers and clients.

How long does it take to disinfect room with uv-c ?

Overhead UV light units can disinfect a space in 10-15 minutes, but require people to be out of the area. Concealed UV light air flow units operate continuously, while people are in the space.

Is a uv-c system easy to operate ?

Yes it is. Automated scheduling and sensors allow you to set and forget both overhead UV light and continuous air flow units. All units are integrated into an IOT application giving you complete control of each unit via your mobile phone or other computer device. Our Sanitation as a Service program ensures that any issues that may arise are covered by our service team.

Do we need special training to operate a uv-c system ? 

Time-consuming training or deep technical knowledge is not required. Training manuals, short videos and documentation are provided for system managers and all employees. Documentation and signage is also provided for the benefit of curious visitors.

What maintenance is involved with a uv-c system ?

Our units require no routine maintenance, filter replacement, or cleaning. The UVCertified Sanitation as a Service program has you covered for bulb replacements and annual check-ups to ensure effective operation.

Are UV-C lights and wands currently advertised on the web safe for home use ?

In November 2020, Health Canada issued a warning to consumers not to purchase or use UV-C lights and wands advertised for use at home to destroy the novel coronavirus.  The agency said it has not approved any personal or home UVC devices that protect against COVID-19, but said devices falsely claiming to do so are being advertised online. 

Is it true UV-C has been used to clean our water ? 

Most people don't realize that the water systems we have today, not just in the Waterloo Region but in major cities like New York and Toronto, have had for decades, the majority of their water treated by UV-C systems.

Is a UV-C system scalable to both large and small spaces ? 

One of the benefits of the system is that you can get in for a very low cost at an entry level.  You can start with washrooms or kitchen areas and expand out over time.  The key is to start with the highest risk of contamination areas first.

What kind of energy savings do you usually see after you install a system ? 

On average our clients have seen 25% - 35% reduction in their energy bills.

Can spenergy help with our global adjustments ?

Based on the government programs and rebates available today we can help to reduce your global adjustments for Class A and Class B today that may represent 60%-70% of your bill to zero depending on how aggressive you want to get.

what is your Saas plan ?

SaaS... stands for Sanitation as a service.  This is the monthly service plan organizations should consider when;

  • they don't want to pay for any equipment 
  • they don't want the responsibility of servicing or repairing the equipment
  • they don't want to constantly be monitoring the the equipment and dealing with alerts
  • they don't want to tie up their staff with additional responsibilities
  • they want energy cost savings
  • they want a safe system put in place
  • they want to see on paper the energy use and subsequent savings in actual dollars
  • they want to be made aware when a piece of their equipment is running poorly or about to break down

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