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Brick and Mortar retail requires real people to walk in and peruse all you have to offer. Air purification and sanitization solutions can help return your shoppers experience to pre-pandemic expectations.

  • Allow your customers into safe and disinfected change rooms
  • Clean your products regularly so you can return them to the shelves as soon as possible
  • Provide constant air disinfection without any disruption to your business
  • We have proven solutions that can make that happen!

    Protect Your Customers

    Protect Your Reputation

    Protect your Staff

    How we can help you

    Constant shutdowns have devastated the retail sector, but the road to recovery is in sight.  The virus may never be truly gone, but retailers can take the necessary steps now to prevent the next pandemic from shutting them down in the future.

    And the best way to keep those customers in your stores is to put in place the most powerful air purification and sanitization solutions, TODAY.  

    At Spenergy Certified we've been solving problems

    for over 20 years.  

    That's what we do.  

    We don't believe that the solution will be solved by cleaning or disinfecting with chemicals.  

    We also don't believe that the solution should be time intensive.

    The solution has to be proven, cost effective and safe.

    That's where our air purification and sanitization solutions come in.

    Spenergy Certified Options 


    Aura Air
    Air Purification
    Aura Air Purification System - Spenergy Certified Solutions
    • Four stages of purification and disinfection technology, which are proven to disinfect Corona and other Flu viruses.
    • The system is compact and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.
    • Monitors the indoor air quality and modifies the air purification process.


    Air Sniper
    Air Sanitization
    Air Sniper Purification System - Induct 300W Presentation - Spenergy Certified Solutions
    • Irradiate and kill airborne pathogens with high volumes of UV intensity.
    • The system can be installed into pre-existing HVAC systems.
    • Protects against viruses, fungi, bacteria, COVID-19, and emits no harmful gases or toxins.



    Make more of your spaces safe and accessible by utilizing disinfection systems that kill 99.9% of all virus, bacterial and fungi.


    Systems are set up to run automatically and include modern monitoring software.

    No Chemicals

    Elimination of toxic cleaning products guarantees that everyone benefits. People and the environment.

    Staff Time

    Constant chemical cleaning requires staff.  Automated air purification and sanitization systems free staff from these additional responsibilities.

    Peace of Mind

    Aura Air and Air Sniper systems are the most effective way to show your customers, staff and visitors that you're serious about their health.


    Reduce your legal liabilities by showing everyone that you put a priority on keeping everyone safe.

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    Our Pricing Options

    We offer two primary options to make your solutions possible.  

    Purchase or lease to own

    Equipment installed by Spenergy

    Equipment owned and monitored by you

    We can arrange financing

    We help you access all rebates   

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee


    If for any reason you are unhappy with our service we guarantee that we will make things right. All it takes is simple call and whatever your issue is, we will work to get you the result you seek.  

    Almost all the equipment we install comes with manufacturers warranties. But as we say, anyone can install equipment but it takes a team of dedicated professionals to insure that the most important part of the process is providing our customers with the highest level of service and a commitment to making sure we exceed all their expectations. 

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