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It's time to think about  Re-opening "Safely"

We find for you...

Significant energy savings and provide you with the tools to see those savings.

We create for you...

Safer living spaces by eliminating deadly viruses and bacteria.

We will find you Solutions


Discover how we can make a difference !

Long Term Care Industry

The pandemic hit hardest in our long term facilities.  Energy Solutions can save you on your monthly utility costs and we can now can add a layer of virus protection with our UV-C solutions.  


The Restaurant industry has been challenged to respond to new health and safety concerns like never before.  Spenergy UV-C solutions can bring your staff back to work and get those tables full of customers again.

Housing & Residency

Whether it's your own home or a rental, the ability to lower the monthly utility costs has now become a task that Spenergy can help you with.  

Commercial, Fitness & Sports Facilities 

Large spaces like malls, airports and sporting venues require massive amounts of energy to operate.  They are also at high risk for the spread of viruses.  Spenergy can help reduce your monthly utility costs as well as help create safer spaces.


Utility costs are often the largest expense of any big business.  Spenergy has the ability to identify significant energy and efficiency costs savings.  In addition we now offer an added layer of protection for your staff, customers and guests with our UV-C solutions. 


Imagine having the ability to clean your entire retail space with a flip of a switch.  We can make that happen.

Business & Office space

Medical, Dental and professional offices see significant daily traffic.  UV-C systems can insure your doing everything you can to keep your staff, clients and visitors all safe.


Each and every day, housekeeping staff spend hours cleaning rooms and doing their best to insure a safe and clean environment for the guests.  Today's world now requires additional time to disinfect and eliminate potentially dangerous viruses and bacteria.   Time is money, and we can save you a lot of both with a very simple UV-C solution. 

What we offer

Cost Savings via Energy Solutions

Safer Spaces via our UV-C Solutions

 Combine these offers to get the best of both worlds !

Energy Solutions


Free Audit


A Proposal that will include; parts and labour and access all available rebates available to you.




Monitoring and Savings

UV-C Solutions


Free Audit


A Proposal that will include; parts and labour and access all available rebates available to you.






Monitoring and Savings

why work with us?

Over 20 Years Experience  

and Millions of $$$ in savings  

All in one Solutions

WE do the free audit, WE do the install and WE provide constant monitoring solutions


We calculate exactly what energy and efficiency savings you can expect, AND we access all government REBATE opportunities.

Quality Products & People

Our team are qualified Energy and Efficiency Professionals that use only the highest quality products on the market.

about us

Our experience can save you Time, Money and Lives


Some of our clients would say we're primarily problem solvers.  Others have called us Energy and Efficiency detectives.

We like to see ourselves as external teammates for the companies, organizations or businesses that have been looking for ways to improve their bottom line.

We are Spenergy Certified Solutions and for over 20 years we have been helping businesses identify energy and organizational inefficiencies that have to date saved our clients over millions of dollars.


We started in the Energy and Efficiency arena but have now introduced an additional service. UV-C Solutions helps our clients deal with the ongoing threats of viruses and other health concerns, now impacting every business and organization.


Check out what our clients are saying about us !

If you're grasping with energy issues and how to save money then Spenergy is the company that's going to help you. 

Rob Moore

Air boss North America

The Spenergy system has worked flawlessly. Its self controlled, automatic operations provide a safe, worry free, superior, and cost effective sterilization system for our patients clients and staff

Dr. Paul Caulford

Canadian ctre for refugee & Immigration healh care 

Of all the Covid protocols we enacted none had an impact as large as the UVC systems installed by Spenergy Certified Solutions.  The payback in peace of mind for all our patients was immediate.

Dr. David French

Dental Peradontist

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