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Spenergy Certified: Helping Canadian businesses conserve energy and improve workplace safety with SMART UVC 3.0

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Introducing SMART UVC 3.0

A UVC air disinfection system that’s transforming theworkplace

Kills 99.9% of pathogens in just 10-12 second
Chemical free, with three levels of safety
Affordable,automated, and easy to install

Are you looking for ways to optimize costs in your business?
Are you concerned about energy conservation – and the rising cost of gas and electricity bills?
Has COVID-19 health and safety concerns had a huge impact on your organization -- and are you now trying to figure out how to ensure a contagion free facility?

We can help. At Spenergy Certified, we create integrated and affordable IIoT solutions to help you in a variety of cost-saving ways. Look to our turn key systems to help you:

· Monitor and control your energy consumption.
· Improve sanitization with a UVC disinfection system.
· Significantly reduce your monthly energy bill.

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About SMART UVC 3.0

Latest on SMART UVC 3.0

“Wherever the UV-C light touches, wherever the light reflects, you get a 99.9 per cent kill rate."

In the latest interview with CTV news, Spenergy Certified reveals how SMART UVC is helping companies prioritize safety and disinfection. With integrated SMART UVC 3.0 system, business owners can disinfect highly frequented spaces like washrooms, desk space and more, using wireless light disinfection system.

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Energy Conservation

Building the Industrial Internet

Stay connected to your facility. Using our cloud-based data monitoring dashboard you can now stay connected from anywhere! We are in the business of creating wireless Building Automation systems that provide real-time data allowing our clients to make decisions that increase productivity, efficiencies, reduce energy and create a safer working environment.


Now creating the ability to monitor your assets from multiple devices any where in the world. Use this dashboard to bench mark multiple facilities against each other to maximize company profits.

User Friendly
Admin/user account levels
Quarterly Reporting
Data Analytics


Now monitoring multiple assets on the same platform! Don’t see the asset below you were hoping to monitor or meter? Call and ask! We also create custom applications for our clients!

Water lines
Compressed Air
Air Quality
Production Tracking
Gas Lines
Pumps & Motors

Engineered IIOT Solutions Provider on Energy & Efficiency

Using a mesh-based wireless communication system Spenergy helps its clients build a network of data on multiple assets within a facility that are compliant and eligible for government rebates.

Often energy inefficiencies get overlooked

Run a more cost effective business with Spenergy

The Spenergy Process Discover, Analyse, implement
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Understanding the opportunities to reduce energy throughout our clients facilities.

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The data supplied through the auditing process.

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The turn key solutions that maximize the ROI and Payback.

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Building the Industrial Internet

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